Made in Massage

Made in Massage is a massage center and massage school located in Cyprus, providing excellent professional massage and training concept that will provide  for the student the knowledge of massage service, therapies  and professional skills, which will enable the opportunities to work in spas, hotels&resorts or massage centers  all over the world.

We are devoted to holistic health,  therapeutic care and customized massage treatments.

Our goal is to personalize our client’s experience by combining diffrent  therapeutic massage with  the use of different oils mixed with essential oils and therapeutic expertise to foster a  vibrant and continuing sense of wellbeing  of individuals. The benefits of treatment are not just for the “physical”, but also for the “mind” and “spirit”.

Our center  offer spacious, peaceful and intimate massage rooms in a convenient and tranquil location.

Nicolae Prip  is an expert on massage, healing and different body therapies. He is  the creator of the Taishiyu Manual Therapy, a developed method with roots in Thai Traditional massage, Shiatsu and Yumeiho therapheutic systems,  provided for spas worldwide within a modern concept of spa massage treatement. An original combination of Eastern techniques for the Western world.

In 2015 Nicolae co-founded Ambiental Touch, the first massage center in Cyprus dedicated exclusively  to massage therapies and massage training courses  Ambiental Touch became synonymous of the highest quality in massage with a team of highly skilled therapists, developing the unique  style of massage recognised by the locals and acknowledged by turists as best available on the market.

Early Stages

Made in Massage  is a result of Nicolae’s ongoing passion and dedication to change the perception of massage and base on his strong belief that massage has to be personalised and pushed  beyond pampering and beauty. Nicolae’s ground-breaking approach in training techniques provide therapists not only with highly effective and injury free massage, communication skills and self care routines but also – essential in their profession – life coaching. As a result it gives therapists  a deep understanding of their role as an active advisor rather than a passive provider.

Nicolae  is known for developing a unique style of massage with philosophy deeply rooted in both Eastern and Western traditions. Blending in the unique way deep tissue and trigger points approach, energetic flow, stretching and acupressure techniques his style become synonymous with the  high quality and effectiveness, balancing the natural rhythms and awakening the self healing abilities of the body.

“ What is, an excellent therapeutic experience, Nicolae? “

  • a set of techniques that are effective and  safe for both therapist and client
  • communication that allows to personalise each treatment
  • self care that keeps the therapist injury free, fit and healthy for many years to go
  • 100% dedication for each finger, palm, arm, elbow or foot technique
  • awareness that raises each treatment to the highest standard of performance

l believe that a massage session can be compared with the art of writing a story, where the techniques are the words, the flow & rhythm  of a massage are the sentences and the advanced skills are the spirit of each phrase, giving an unforgettable experience that the clients can take back home, many times changing their life for ever.

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